Wednesday, 6 May 2020

HRH Prince Frederick von Lauenberg and Franz von Habsburg will talk about "Margery Booth" on Thursday 14th May at 5:30pm

Join us to continue celebrating Victory in Europe on Thursday 14th May at 5:30pm on line via Zoom.

"Hitler’s favourite opera star is a British spy! Margery sings for his birthday at the Berghof, hears about the new Tiger tank and realises how urgent it is to get this information to Churchill whilst being shadowed by an SS thug. Margery also conceals escaped British airmen in her luxury Berlin apartment and meets MI6 agent John Brown in Stalag IIID when singing to the PoWs. John also obtains the location of a tank factory before facing torture." 

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Thursday, 21 November 2019

DANCE, MUSIC & CONVERSATION with Menaka PP Bora, Alan Yentob & Guests - Royal Albert Hall Friday 29th November @7:30pm

Dr. Menaka PP Bora
Multi-award winning classical dance soloist, Bollywood choreographer-actor and musicologist.
Celebrated for her youthful take on classical dance and music, Menaka is the winner of the coveted Leverhulme Early Career Fellowships in Music in Britain and Sangeet Natak Akademi Yuva Puraskar (India's most prestigious national award in classical dance)
Alan Yentob
Legendary British TV broadcaster and former Creative Director of BBC
In conversation with Menaka PP Bora
Hope you are well and that you will be able to support Menaka PP Bora in her Elgar Room debut performance at the Royal Albert Hall, in the Elgar Room,  on Friday 29th November 2019 at 7:30pm.
This show is multi-cultural and  includes freshly choreographed pieces from classical and experimental South Asian dance and music and is a milestone in her career.
8 pm: The show starts in a conversation on ideas, inspiration and humanity in 21st century cross-cultural London with legendary British TV broadcaster and former Creative Director of BBC, Alan Yentob.
 8:35 pm: South Asian classical dances including Sattriya - a 16th century old Indian classical dance from Assam based on traditional drums and music and blended with modern sound technology (the track was played on BBC Radio as world music), played by renowned guests musician and musicologists Prof. John Baily and Veronica Doubleday.
9:00 pm: Interval  - Refreshments available in the room.
9:15 pm: Experimental dance inspired by India followed by raga based music and dance piece , Lariya. This will be played with a rare Afghan instrument called Rubab, see below.
9:45 pm: Carriages
Thank you for your consideration and do get your tickets soon with the Royal Albert Hall directly (£16.50) on
Yours sincerely, 
Rubab, robab or rabab is a lute-like musical instrument originating from central Afghanistan. The rubab is mainly used by various ethnic groups in Western Asia. Rubab is one of the national musical instruments of Afghanistan. It has "proliferated throughout West, Central, South and Southeast Asia.
This show is cross-cultural, emphasizing The Arts and looking into the Orient.
DANCE, MUSIC & CONVERSATION with Menaka PP Bora & Guests
This show brings together an immersive visual world using contemporary classical and experimental South Asian dance and music responding to a fresh conversation on culture and identity in contemporary London.

“ the exquisite Indian dancer...” (The Skinny at Edinburgh Festival) ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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Tuesday, 15 October 2019

£15 tickets (usual prices £35 & £45) for ZooNation’s Some Like It Hip Hop

Sadler’s Wells have allocated my mailings lists some £15 tickets (usual prices £35 & £45) for ZooNation’s Some Like It Hip Hop (please e-flyer below).

The £15 tickets are for the following performances:

Wed 23 Oct at 7.30pm
Thu 24 Oct at 7.30pm
Fri 25 Oct at 7.30pm
Sun 27 Oct at 6pm
Tue 29 Oct at 7.30pm
Wed 30 Oct at 7.30pm

To Book please call the Ticket Office on 0207 863 8222 or online  and use the promocode “HipHop15

Please note that these tickets are limited and will be sold on first come basis and also that this offer must be booked by Sunday 20 October.

ZooNation's sensational hip hop hit returns with a bang to its West End home, The Peacock.

This five-star irresistible dance musical tells a comical tale of love, mistaken identity, cross-dressing and revolution – all played out in ZooNation's trademark style.

Bursting with charm and energy, Some Like It Hip Hop is packed full of breathtaking hip hop dance, Kate Prince’s razor-sharp choreography and infectious, original music brought to life by an extremely talented cast.

"A whirlwind of hip hop dance, bright storytelling and boundless energy."
The Independent

Exclusive discount offer*:
£35 seats for £15 Tue - Thu
£45 for £15 Fri + Sun

Valid for the following performances:
Wed 23 Oct at 7.30pm
Thu 24 Oct at 7.30pm
Fri 25 Oct at 7.30pm
Sun 27 Oct at 6pm
Tue 29 Oct at 7.30pm
Wed 30 Oct at 7.30pm

Just quote “HipHop15” online, over the phone ( 020 7863 8222) or in person at The Peacock Ticket Office.

Book by 20 Oct

*Subject to allocation availability. Not available retrospectively or in conjunction with any other offer. £3 transaction fee applies for phone and online bookings. Offer valid for the specified performance only. Offer ends 20 Oct

Friday, 11 October 2019

Thank you for coming yesterday

Thank you for coming and to Kim Rix for speaking yesterday, it was a great talk, and as we sat down was a bit longer than usual but even the challenging questions made it for being a thoroughful enjoyable evening. I hope that you enjoyed it as much as  I did. 

For those of you who did not make it through the "Extinction rebellion" who were very peaceful, you missed a very enticing talk and the opportunity to buy Kim's book. 

You still can do this though through here website:

 I have started mine and am already fascinated by it.