Thursday, 15 April 2021

from our member Beatrice Boivineau: Wisdom and Nature


I am getting in touch to share with you an art auction Le Ciel Foundation are doing in partnership with Christie's called Wisdom and Nature. The auction brings together a collection of 55 nature-inspired artworks, generously donated by artists from around the world. 

The exhibition, which was first on show at Christie’s New York in March 2020, is open for bidding on Christie’s online from 6-27th April 2021.

Funds raised during the 2021 Wisdom and Nature sale will support Le Ciel Foundation's ongoing educational programmes for children and adults, to preserve indigenous knowledge and adapt ancestral wisdom into modern day solutions. 

To view the exhibition and place a bid please visit:

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Tuesday, 13 April 2021

Monthly Highlight of our Members: François Lazzari

François Lazzari

François is a true ‘bon vivant’ with an absolute passion for eCommerce. He has a wealth of experience in online retail, transportation/logistics and technology. In 2016, he set up an eCommerce transportation joint venture, focusing on B2C deliveries. The company was subsequently acquired by the Australia Post Group and renamed Australia Post Global eCommerce (APG). Francois is now APG’s Chief Operating Officer based out of London. APG’s ethos is making global eCommerce faster, simpler and more personal whilst ensuring the highest customer satisfaction and an unparalleled delivery experience. Prior to that, François headed's Delivery Solutions where he led global teams that continuously developed best in class delivery and returns strategies.


François holds an Executive MBA with Distinction from Cass Business School. He is bilingual in French and English and fluent in Dutch and Italian.


In his spare time François loves sports and the outdoors, reading biographies, tasting new foods and of course socialising. 

If you would like to join François, please visit the membership is only £40  a year and all events are free except when food and drinks have to be pre-ordered. 

The Network to make meaningful business and social contacts
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The Network is a not for profit, fully inclusive, membership organisation since 2012 and your platform to promote your cause,  business, venue and yourself. The Network helps your further your business or career and make meaningful business and social contacts. You get connected, proactive and productive.

It is a get together of like minded, and very nice, people who enjoy meeting others in a relaxed yet sophisticated atmosphere.

Connect, learn, enjoy and build lasting social & professional relationships.

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Friday, 12 March 2021

Monthly Highlight of our Members: David Rigby, Geoffrey Watson and Jean-François Dor


David Rigby is an international keynote speaker, trainer, consultant, and executive coach.  With his team he developed a coaching and training practice focusing on behavioural preference profiling, leadership, diversity, team building, coaching, personal branding, presentation, communication and customer service. He is based in Spain and UK. He uses his communications skills as a UK radio presenter and producer and has written over 40 articles for his lifestyle column for Al Arabiya News. He established strategic partnerships with organisations in UK, Spain and Middle East.

He is a founding director of Smart Coaching & Training. Based in Bristol, UK working with a few trusted associates. He established the UAE office and team. With representation in UK, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Morocco and Middle East. We offer fundamentals: Coaching and Mentoring, Training and Development, Keynote Speaking, Talking and Writing, Consulting and Facilitation. And Specialisms:  Behavioural Preference Profiling, Psychosocial Adult Development, Diversity, Inclusion, Intercultural Globality: Diversity, Inclusion and Teams, Wellness at Work, Psychological Safety.


One our associates and fellow member was the late Dr David Clive Price and we are currently working on ways of preserving his impressive legacy.


In his spare time David learns Spanish, plays piano, loves karaoke and sings bossa novas on the beach front with his guitarist Victor.


Geoffrey Watson:

All my books (two more in production) are available from me (contact e-mail for details – or they can be purchased direct from

They contain photos of the ships I have seen, or worked on - together with the histories of what happened to them. The Royal Yacht Britannia features – sailing from London.


Jean-François Dor:

Not only the founder of The Network and various other Networks in the World. 

Jean-François is a Professional with Public Relations, Catering Consultancy &  Events experience.

​I get people together and make it happen.

"Life is too short to get bored"

"I am easily satisfied with the very best"

My experience in international hospitality, event management, public relations, charity and marketing with varied established contacts across these sectors worldwide allows my clients to benefit from professional expertise and be steps ahead of their competition.

Individuals or businesses: whatever your needs or budget, I contribute to your success.

Tuesday, 16 February 2021

The Network

Do you know about The Network? Established in 2012 as a platform to promote your cause, business, venue and yourself. The Network helps your further your business or career.

You get connected, proactive and productive.

It is a get together of like minded, and very nice, people who enjoy meeting others in a relaxed yet sophisticated atmosphere.

Connect, learn, enjoy and build lasting and meaningful social & professional relationships.

The Network meets several times a year for networking, dinners and social events, usually with a speaker, and supports other affiliated organisations. Till we can do so again we meet on Zoom at the moment.

Together we are stronger!

The membership is £40 a year and give you many benefits and advantage, payable on a recurring basis, a condition of membership, sponsorship and advertising are available, see under benefits of membership. Join and discover more on

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Friday, 15 January 2021

Kick Start Scheme for young people from our member Andrew Waite.

 Kick Start Scheme for young people from our member Andrew Waite.

 Hi Jean-Francois,


Hope you are well…

This is Andrew a Gay Professional Network member for some years now.


My organisation is a “Gateway Intermediary” for the Government’s new kick Start Scheme to provide young people whose salaries are paid for 6 months at minimum wage.

Would it be possible to pass the information around to the gay business community please?


It seems such a great opportunity to keep businesses going and helping young people stay in work.

Anyone interested must have a business or charity.


If you or organisations you know wish to take part, you/they can register interest at:


Very much appreciate if you could spread the word amongst members.


Kind regards,

Andrew Waite

Chief Executive

                                A person wearing a suit and tie smiling at the camera

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2020 Finalist – SME Community Organisation of the Year

2020 Listed – Social Entrepreneur Index Awards.

2019 Finalist – Governance Professional of the Year

2019 Winner: Best Interactive Group Talks & Presentations

Thursday, 14 January 2021


Happy New Year!

It is grey and rainy outside but the warmth is inside our homes and hearts.
2020 been and gone and 2021 find  ourselves still in lockdown but with the end in view with the vaccination taking its process. 
So let's take heed of what 2020 taught us and prepare for the post Pandemic, of course a lot of us are working from home but we all enjoy socialising and networking, I for one am looking forward to meet again physically, possibly in the Spring.
The Network is this evening and we shall continue to meet on the 2nd Thursday of the month on Zoom till we are allowed to go back to the Club where the rooms are booked for the year.
There are no speakers as I'd like to focus on ourselves, what we do, can do and welcome our newest members.

Members: FREE, non-members: £ 5 participation
Not a member yet? Membership is only £40 a year and this and all others whether we meet on line or not are free to attend.  Join us on
If you do speak French, there is another Zoom meeting for the Cercle Francophone also monthly and details are on
I very much look forward to seeing you soon,
Till then, take care and keep well!
With all best wishes,
Jean-François Dor
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The Network needs to expand to broaden its horizon to remain. To this effect, I would like you to invite 2 people to join us as members: for every 2 members you introduce to the Network, I will add a free year to your membership. Simply give them our website to join us and let me know their names.

If you feel that your friends or colleagues would benefit to attend a meeting before making their decisions, for every four people that join us on the 14th January, I will also add a free year to your membership and please ask them to register on:
Have you looked at our website? pass it on and invite your friends and colleagues.  Together we are stronger!
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