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Wednesday 11 May 2022

The UN Shield talk by David Selves


In April, we enjoyed an interesting and information evening with David Selves who is a great speaker and  thrilled The Network with the story of “UN Shield – the Elimination of War between Sovereign States”, it has long been spoken about and it is high time to implement it in view of the current situation in Ukraine!" 
Check about the UN Shield on:

Sunday 20 March 2022

The Network with David Selves: social & business networking event at the Civil Service Club.

The Network is hosting a social & business networking event at the Civil Service Club.

Join us  on Thursday 14th April 2022 at 6:30pm GMT when we are delighted to welcome 

David Selves,  a highly experienced and energetic businessman with over 50 years experience in the SME world. He has the Freedom of City of London, is a Freeman of the Company of Entrepreneurs, a former National Board Member and Regional Chairman of the Small Business Bureau (set up by David Trippier when he was Margaret Thatcher’s Minister for Small Businesses) and a broadcaster, speaker, moderator, and chairman with vast local and national political experience. Today his business life is morphing to  Non Executive Director roles including companies in flood prevention and wellbeing technologies and the arranging of seed and risk capital.

Despite a full and busy life, he has always found time to involve himself with charities and good causes and has raised just short of £1m for them on his gavel as a charity auctioneer. He also spent fifteen years of his life working on “UN Shield – the Elimination of War between Sovereign States” which was conceived by his good friend Paul Stonor, who died in 2004. David continued to promote the concept until the late noughties which had support from world notables, but not those in power. Some of the significant comments, mainly from the late nineteen nineties, were:

Jim Callaghan said, “When the Charter of the United Nations was agreed, those who designed it looked forward to such a possibility, but any progress was pushed into the background by the Cold War.”

 Lord Ramsbottom said, “As ever …. the subject of a “quick response unit” came up. Such a body was intended in the UN Charter, but has never been implemented.”

Jean Pictet, the Red Cross lawyer who drew up the humanitarian military code, interviewed by Peter Capella in the Guardian, said, “I am a great-grandfather of two days. I think my great-grandson will see an organised world, with a judicial force backed by military strength that outstrips any other. I don’t think there’s any other solution.”

 And a former head of the American CIA , Admiral James Wolsey said, “there will always be a maverick nation.”.

 It is UN Shield – the Elimination of War between Sovereign States that David will speak to us about. 

Please look at

The presentation will be followed by a Q & A session.

All participants have the opportunity to introduce themselves briefly after the talk. Like "Hi, I am J-F and organise events, let me know  if you need help with any forthcoming celebration, meeting, incentive, conference and event." 


Members: Free 

Non-Members: £10

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President Zelensky’s address to Congress 16th March 2022



President Zelensky’s address to Congress 16th March 2022


Speaking to the American Congress on 16th March 2022, Ukraine’s President Zelensky was calling for Shield when he said:


The destruction of our country, the destruction of Europe. All American ports should be closed for Russian goods. We — peace is more important than income and we have to defend this principle in the whole world.


We already became part of the antiwar coalition — a big antiwar coalition that unites many countries, dozens of countries, those who reacted too in principle to President Putin’s decision to invade our country — but we need to move on and do more.


We need to create new tools to respond quickly and stop the war. The full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, which began on February 24th. And it would be fair if it ended in a day, in 24 hours, that evil would be punished immediately. Today, the world does not have such tools. The war of the past have prompted our predecessors to create institutions that should protect us from war. But they unfortunately don’t work. We see it, you see it.


So we need new ones, new institutions, new alliances, and we offer them. We propose to create an association, U-24, United for Peace, a union of responsible countries that have the strength and consciousness to stop conflicts immediately, provide all the necessary assistance in 24 hours if necessary, even weapons, if necessary.


Can anyone now deny that the concept of Shield is something whose time has come? The saddest words in the English language are, “If only” ….. it is time to act!


Tuesday 11 January 2022


 "THE FUN AND FUNCTION OF FILM FESTIVALS, PRE- AND POST-PANDEMIC" @PhillipBergson is a BBC broadcaster, arts critic, and cineaste. Thursday 13th January 2022 - 6:30pm GMT RSVP/more info 

Thursday 16 December 2021

Season's Greetings


As this year ends, we commemorate all that happened and did not due to the Pandemic, today fortified with spirit or Champagne, we look forward to 2022 and invite you to join me, wherever we are, in drinking to the prosperity of The Network.
I very much look forward to seeing you at the Civil Service Club on Thursday 13th January to hear Phillip Bergson.
 Happy New Year!
Whatever your creed, everyone is welcome at The Network #togetherwearestronger!
Thursday 13th January at 6:30pm
 Phillip Bergson is a BBC broadcaster, arts critic, and cineaste.
While attending Bradford Grammar School in his native West Yorkshire, he won the New Statesman's Student Journalist of the Year competition with a satiric feature on "The Rape of the Cinema".
With the prize money he attended the Venice Film Festival and his vacation became a vocation.
As a Classics Scholar at Balliol College, he founded the Oxford Film Festival, the first competitive event for feature films ever held in Great Britain, and on graduating was selected by The Sunday Times as a "New Critic".and by BBC Radio as a regular reviewer, interviewer, script-writer and presenter.
He has contributed articles to a variety of publications and programmes on TV, online. in print, and interviewed many Hollywood legends in several languages,(including Sergio Leone in Latin) working also a consultant at the European Script Fund, casting agent, Jury Member and co-organiser of countless film festivals from Madrid to Mannheim, Rotterdam to Rio, and Chicago to Tashkent.
An occasional actor, he created the "Eurovisions" cinema project at the National Museum of Photography, Film and Television, and has organised many film premieres, panels, and seasons, and masterclasses in the Prague Film School and other venues.
He will outline the history and development of the phenomenon of the film festival, with anecdotes of red faces on the red carpets and behind-the-scenes revelations of the rivalries between Cannes, Berlin and Venice, and how the festival circuit (of over 2,000 annual events) is currently coping with more recent Interesting Times, and is adapting to the Curse of Cathay and other COVID crises.
The presentation will be followed by a Q & A session.
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